BC 02: Dr Margaret Beavis (GP) – Exercise and Living Longer

Episode 02
15, Apr, 2015
}42 Minutes

Show Notes

In this podcast, BACKchat interviews Dr Margaret Beavis. Margaret is a Melbourne General Practitioner of 25 years experience, a senior examiner with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and teaches in the Medical Faculty at Melbourne University. She has recently completed a Masters in Public Health at Deakin University and published late last year, her research on the Health and Economic Benefits of Physical Activity in Melbourne Commuters, in the Health Promotion Journal of Australia.

Margaret’s research shows how one simple lifestyle changes can:

  1. Help overcome mild to moderate hypertension and depression, which in some cases, can be used instead of an anti hypertensive or anti depressant.
  2. Help reduce heart attacks, depression and breast cancer by 20%.
  3. Help reduce diabetes, stroke and bowel cancer by 30%.
  4. Help can save up to 272 lives per year.
  5. Help can save up to $365 million per year.

Listen to Dr Margaret Beavis as she explains how this simple exercise prescription can help achieve all of the above.


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