Show Notes

Anthony Klarica is the Director of Elite Performance. His training is in Psychology and he has worked in education, organisations and sport for over 25 years. He has developed the Six-Star Wellbeing survey. In sport, he has worked with a wide range of athletes and coaches from juniors to Australian Teams, in the AFL, with Tennis Australia and in Motor-sports. Such roles have placed him in Olympic stadiums, at Centre courts, the MCG on Grand Final day and in race cars at high speeds. Presently he facilitates the leadership, culture and mindset program at Carlton Football Club.

Q1 How did you get into psychology and why sports psychology?

Q2 How has this work changed in the last few decades ..a player of the 90s ,2000s and of more recent times?

Q3 What impact does it have for AFL players to be publicly open with regards to depression?

Q4How does psychology and sport psychology assist athletes and AFL players?

Q5 How do you, coaches and other staff deal with the many different personalities in a large team group, such as an AFL squad?

Q6 Should AFL players be role models?

Q7 How do you, coaches and other staff deal with the younger generation of players entering professional sport in 2018?

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