Show Notes

Dr Luke Nelson Biog
Luke has been in private practice at Chiropractic Solutions in Bentleigh East since graduating from RMIT in 2003. His post graduate qualifications in sports chiropractic include an International Certified Chiropractic Sports Diploma, a post graduate diploma in Sports Chiropractic and a Masters in Sports Science.

Luke has involvement in a number of organisations including Finance chair of FICS, education chair of Sports Chiropractic Australia and board member of the Victorian State branch of Sports Medicine Australia. Luke treats elite athletes from a variety of sports including athletics, cricket, AFL, mixed martial arts, triathlon, water polo, tennis and golf. Luke was recently awarded the 2016 Sports Chiropractic Australia outstanding service award.

An avid runner himself, Luke has completed multiple marathons, Iron Man triathlons and ultramarathons. Luke is co-director of Enhance running, whose purpose is to help people enjoy running and avoid injury through teaching running technique.

1. Society is getting larger with overweight and obesity ….is getting people to run a possible answer?
2. Before you lace up those runners and get out there for your first run, what are some of the boxes you must tick?
3. How can you transition from walking to running, and then beyond?
4. Is there a particular running surface you should run on?
5. Does how you run matter (running technique)?
6. What can you tell us about running shoes? What’s your thoughts on bare foot running?

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