Show Notes

Dr Russell Mottram is a chiropractor and member of the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain (Aust). Russell is a sessional lecturer at RMIT for Cranio-mandibular disorders. He is a co-author of a chapter in Multi-disciplinary textbook “Headache, Orofacial Pain and Bruxism” published by Elsevier 2010. He is a current Principal of TMJcare, in both Melbourne and Ocean Grove. This is a referral-based practice working with Jaw, Head, Face Pain and Dysfunction.

  1. What is the “TMJ” vs what is TMD?
  2. Many patients get a lot of headaches. How do I know if my headaches are caused by jaw problems?
  3. My jaw clicks when I eat and talk. What causes that? Is it serious? Will it get worse if I don’t do anything about it?
  4. Who is the best type of practitioner to see about my jaw problem?
  5. My dentist says that I grind my teeth at night. Is that likely to cause a jaw joint problem and how can I prevent it?
  6. What is a typical screen that Russell does with the TMJ?
  7. Could orthodontics be helpful for my jaw problem?
  8. What are the ways you, as a Chiropractor, would treat my Jaw problem?

Dr Russell Mottram has much experience in the treatment of Jaw, Head and Face pain and dysfunction. If you require an accurate assessment and the best in treatment and advice about management of your TMJ condition, please check Russell works with a multidisciplinary team including dentists that also have vast experience in the dental management of TMJ disorder.