Show Notes

Dr Terence Heng is a GP and chiropractor practising in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. He is involved in AHPRA panel boards, GP registrar examinations, GP supervisor and medical student teaching. Special interests in musculoskeletal medicine, skin cancer and urgent care medicine. Other portfolio includes surgical assisting in a variety of specialties including orthopaedics and general surgery and Locum Emergency Department doctor for small country hospitals.

  1. The navigation of Terence going from Chiropractic to his medical degree
  2. What are the differences between neuropathic pain vs musculoskeletal pain.
  3. What are the natural vs pharmaceutical options and some different classes of drugs?
  4. When do you decide that maybe a natural option maybe used ahead of a pharmaceutical option?
  5. What about drug – nutrient interactions?
  6. What are common pitfalls in prescribing medication?
  7. What are the red flags a patient is doctor shopping?
  8. What are the long-term issues with opioid prescription?
  9. Will I end up getting addicted to my pain medication?
  10. Dr Heng discussing collaboration of chiropractic
  11. The psychology of Dr Heng discussing how he copes with back-to-back, heart sinking, stressful consultations.
  12. Are there any interventional methods that, from a medical perspective, lie between pharmaceuticals and surgery that are provided?
  13. How do I come off / stop my pain medication?
  14. Three Take Home Messages

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