Show Notes

Sasha’s Biog :
Sasha completed his schooling and medical studies in Melbourne, graduating with honours prior to undertaking his specialty training in orthopaedic surgery in NSW. Upon completion of his orthopaedic training Sasha then undertook dedicated fellowships in foot and ankle surgery in both Australia and France followed by a fellowship in hip and knee reconstruction in Canada. Sasha is currently practicing in Melbourne with both private and public appointments and has a special interest in lower limb reconstructive surgery.

1. When is a specialist a Mr or a Dr. What is a Fellowship?
2. Before surgery, what informed consent and preparation does a patient have to be aware of? The list is comprehensive.
3. What is the risk: benefit ratio when talking surgery?
4. What are the main causes of heel pain?
5. Are there any red flags to watch out for?
6. What tests should patients have for investigation of their heel pain?
7. What is plantar fasciitis and what are the characteristic features of it?
8. How is plantar fasciitis treated?
9. What are the traps?  What about if conservative treatment fails?
10. What are the surgical options for plantar fasciitis?
11. What about more recent treatment modalities? (such as PRP)
12. What are the treatment options for some of the other causes of heel pain? Eg heel spur
13. What is the latest position statement of stem cell therapy just released, in the last week, by the Australian College of Sports Physicians.
14. Three take home messages.

Sasha’s orthopaedic practice is based in East Melbourne however both his consulting and operating activities do extend out to the eastern and western suburbs of Melbourne. His extensive fellowship training allows him to assess and manage all lower limb conditions including acute injuries as well as chronic conditions and deformity correction.
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