Show Notes


Rachel is the Principal of Aged Care Gurus and co-author of a number books including the very popular “Aged Care, Who Cares?” with Noel Whittaker. Rachel oversees a national network of financial advisers dedicated to providing quality advice to older Australians and their families. Rachel has been working in financial services for 17 years and specialising in retirement and aged care for more than a decade. She holds a Masters in Financial Planning.

1. When does and individual or family need to start thinking about their home environment and planning for the twilight years?

2. What is ACAS or ACAT in assessing the home? Why this assessment is important earlier than later?

3. Discussion of the various levels of assistance from a few modifications to ones home, right through to high care nursing home.

4. Receiving aged care doesn’t mean you are in a nursing home.

5. The three types of Power of Attorney – medical, financial and guardianship.

6. The difficulty for the elderly in letting the reigns go – either a trusted advisor advocates for you (someone you know) or the courts might (someone you don’t know), when you can’t make decisions for yourself.

7. Two times of retirement communities – retirement village or land lease community. What’s the difference?

8. Aged care facilities are not homogenous. Eg dementia patients – Diversional and Behavioural therapy vs medications management.

9. Traps in transition from the family home to aged care

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