Show Notes

Glenn Williams Biog:
Glenn is the founder of nLIVEn, an executive and business coaching practice in Melbourne. He is dedicated to assisting CEOs and boards of directors take a more strategic approach to successfully navigating change – both in business and in life. Glenn has collaborated with a broad cross section of executives from a diverse array of industries, both locally and internationally. Together, they sought to understand and overcome the challenges executives face in managing and leading their enterprises, as well as their lives outside the office. From high-tech start-ups to mature public companies, from charities to Fortune 500 companies, Glenn found a common set of challenges prevail. To find out more about Glenn and his products and services, please visit to

Today Glenn will help us explore the topic of “Work vs Life – It’s your choice”

  1. What is work life balance and why is it important?
  2. Does work/life balance need to change depending on your stage of life?
  3. What is the work/life balance sheet and how does it work? Are you part of the Feed me or Eat me, cycle?
  4. Adapting to change is clearly vital for a successful and fulfilled life. How do we keep up – or more importantly – do will really need to?
  5. There were 3Rs in school of reading,writing and arithmetic. What are the 3Rs framework of work-life balance: Responsibility, Resilience and Responsiveness.
  6. Is the approach different if you’re a business owner or an employee? I suppose they might have different challenges in creating work life balance?
  7. Quality Vs Quantity Time.
  8. Goal setting and the 3 Rs.