Show Notes

Biography of Dr Richard Chambers Clinical Psychologist,Mindfulness Consultantx

Dr Richard Chambers is a clinical psychologist and internationally-recognised expert in mindfulness. Richard works at Monash University, spearheading a university-wide mindfulness initiative which is a world first. He has been teaching and researching mindfulness for over 12 years and is actively involved in research studies at The University of Melbourne, Orygen Youth Health, LaTrobe University, Sydney University, UNSW and Charles Darwin University.

What is mindfulness and how does it effect our physical and mental wellbeing?

What are the consequences of  people spending  a lot of time in default mode?

The importance of pausing in a busy day,

How does being mindful help with our performance and productivity?

What is the connection between curiosity and mindfulness?

BACKchat podcast 01 – with Dr Paul Noone – was on the subject of neuroplasticity.  What is the relationship with mindfulness and neuroplasticity ?

Explaining how mindfulness connects with relationships – be it personal or business?

As today is a digital world,are there any apps that can help with mindfulness?

What are three action steps to maintain a healthy mindset?

Practical of a  Mindfulness – Caution – Do not listen to when driving.

Richard helped develop Smiling Mind, a free mindfulness app with 1 million downloads. He also collaborated in the creation of the popular Mindfulness for Wellbeing & Sustainable Performance free online course. He has published two books, Mindful Learning and Mindful Relationships and a number of journal articles.