Show Notes

In this podcast , Paul and Anthony discuss key moments from each of first fifteen BACKchat podcasts in 2015.


BACKchat PODCAST 1,2015 : DR Paul Noone (Chiropractor)  – Inaugural podcast : Understanding Neurology on 4th March,2015


BACKchat PODCAST 2,2015 : Dr Scott Wustenberg (Chiropractor) – Eating and Autism.


BACKchat PODCAST 3,2015 : Dr Margaret Beavis (GP)- Exercise and Living Longer.*Paul mistakenly references exercise at 30 minutes ,five times per day. This should have been per week.


BACKchat Podcast 4,2015 : Dr Tania Ash (Integrative GP) – Is your home making you sick?


BACKchat Podcast 5,2015 : Lisa Cox – Recovery from severe brain trauma.


BACKchat Podcast 6,2015 : Dr Genevieve Keating (Chiropractor) – Positive Neurodevelopment from a baby to a child


BACKchat Podcast 7,2015 : Professor Ted Carrick (Functional Neurologist) – Past state of Functional Neurology


BACKchat Podcast 8,2015: Professor Ted Carrick (Functional Neurologist) – Present state of Functional Neurology


BACKchat Podcast 9,2015: Professor Ted Carrick (Functional Neurologist)  – Future and Research of Functional Neurology


BACKchat Podcast 10,2015: Dr Marc Pick (Chiropractor) :Live at the 7th Annual AAFN annual conference, Sydney


BACKchat Podcast 11,2015: Mandy Mecuri on the Recovery from Chronic Pain


BACKchat Podcast 12,2015: Dr Stephen McKenzie (Psychologist) On Mindfulness


BACKchat Podcast 13,2015: Chris Ennis on Ceres Fair Food Organic Food


BACKchat Podcast 14,2015: Tony Massarotti (Sports Podiatrist) The Why, What and What’s done for Heel Pain.


BACKchat Podcast 15,2015: Dr Matthew Antonucci (Functional Neurologist) on Neurological Performance


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