Show Notes

Dr. Antonucci is a board certified chiropractic neurologist currently seeing patients at his Plasticity Brain Center in Orlando Florida. He completed a 2-year residency under Professor Carrick, training in the rehabilitation of complex neurological conditions. Dr. Antonucci continued to engage in the advancement of his knowledge through completing 1-year fellowships in each of the following: childhood developmental disorder, vestibular rehabilitation, neurochemistry and nutrition, as well as a 2-year fellowship in traumatic brain injury rehabilitation.


How do you define performance and the performance continuum, everywhere from a patient with Parkinson’s to an athlete?


How does performance differ to wellness?


Explain the under usage of Balance in health care but its importance as a neurological biomarker.


Balance, as the sixth sense and the BESS Test.


How Dr Antonucci uses Balance in practice?


The 5 components that are critical in performance as defined by Dr Antonucci.


How Dr Antonucci schedules his patients looking for neuroplastic change via the 3×5 rule?


What is the future of Neuro Rehabilitation?


The importance of the other C word…not just Chiropractic. but Collaboration


The phone call that changed Dr Antonucci’s career


Three take home messages to optimize one’s performance.




Check for the Plasticity Brain Centers newly opened  $2 million facility, focused on clinical applications of neuroscience in rehabilitation and performance opitimization.