Show Notes

  1. Natural management of chronic pain including food, mindfulness, exercise and most importantly self management.
  2. Dealing, twice, in adolescence with surgery and scoliosis.
  3. The power of one sentence that can change your life.
  4. The multi disciplinary management needed for the best results in a chronic pain management
  5. Stop catastrophising. Move to mindfulness and pacing.
  6. The concept of minimal pain movement capabilities.
  7. The dangers of fear avoidance and withdrawal behavior
  8. You can have pain without suffering
  9. Respond to pain, don’t react to it.
  10. Mandy’s day to day routine to manage her chronic pain.1
  11. 1.The health investment required to overcome chronic pain.
  12. 12.Success with chronic pain is with small steps, not one big movement.
  13. 13.Take Home Pearls