Show Notes

Health Expert Biography:

Dr Tania Ash is the founder and medical director of Vitality Hub clinics in Prahran and Malvern. A Melbourne University medicine graduate, she has 21 years of clinical experience, including 11 years as an Integrative Medical Specialist, and a Fellow of A5M (Australasian Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine). One of her passions is evaluating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and she now specializes in treating patients acutely unwell from mould and Lyme disease.

Key Covering points of this Podcast:


  1. What are Biotoxins?


  1. How does Mould lead to disease?


  1. What is Lyme Disease?


  1. Why is Fibromyalgia a red flag for biotoxin illness?


  1. The problem of water damaged building


  1. What is an Integrative Medical Doctor?


  1. Mould assessment by a Microbiologist and Building Biologists


  1. Adrenal Fatigue


  1. What makes Dr Tania Ash Tic(k)?


  1. Three key Practical Take Home Tips