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AQJ 127: FUNctional Movement with Carl Hammington

Episode 127
19, Oct, 2018
}65 Minutes

Show Notes

It seems that the culture of exercise as portrayed by media equates very low body fat, summer abs and shredding with health. Relatively few exercise practitioners are advocating holistic movement practices, and with the majority of exercise media focusing on attaining aesthetic goals, many of us feel far too daunted by exercise. In addition, if we are on the healing path and have been suffering from poor health and fatigue, improper exercise could further complicate our issues. In this podcast we interview Carl Hammington, a movement and FUNctional training expert. Carl discusses how realistic fitness goals can be tailored to the individual, how movement can contribute to healing, and how to integrate movement into your life in a way that is sustainable. Carl has been in the health and fitness industry for 16 years. He has been actively involved in corporate health, has run health retreats, is a presenter and has presented health and fitness seminars around New Zealand and internationally. He is a co-founder and Academic Director of Wellington’s fully integrated gym HealthFit Collective. Carl is behind the mic on the Wellness Couch podcast, BestMe Radio.

More about Carl here

Carl’s Health Fit Collective website – health assessments, programs, online education, corporate health, and more!

Carl’s Podcast, Best Me Radio

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