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UC 330: Life for the Chatters After Dr Jack Kruse and Jason Bawden Smith

Episode 330
16, Apr, 2019
}59 Minutes

Show Notes

Life can never be the same for the Chatters, after their discussions with Dr Jack Kruse (episode 327) and Jason Bawden Smith (episodes 328, 329). All three had their eyes opened, researched more, educated themselves and decided to make some changes. Cyndi had already decided that her lifestyle was already bringing in natures 3 secrets, she just needed to add a few tweaks. She was concerned about Jack’s dismissal of organic foods, and explains this fully. Carren found water that completely quenched her thirst and it’s like miracles started for her and Kim as always succinctly reviewed the conversation, the effect it had on her and the changes she made. Many people have asked the chatters questions about these episodes on light, magnetism and water, but the overarching comments were on how well the chatters handled themselves in the face of some complete contradictions in their own life.

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What happens when three international speakers and celebrated business women get together and chat about issues including health, wellbeing, relationships and mindset? Find out as Cyndi O'Meara, Carren Smith & Kim Morrison challenge conventional wisdom.

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