Show Notes

I won’t lie. Billie Eilish fascinates me. Her music, her style, her genre (so many), her dedication, and so much more. But there’s two elements of Eilish’s success that really get me.

Firstly, her dedication – alongside brother Finneas – to the 10,000 hour rule – and how the pair have stopped at nothing to see their vision materialise (which is happening before our very eyes and ears).

Secondly – Eilish’s success shows the power of teamwork, in so many ways. From her family to the band, to the record label and the fans, there is something so powerful about success that reminds us all that it can never be achieved alone. Watching Eilish sing “Therefore I Am” with the support of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra was truly inspiring. You can watch this on Disney Plus.

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Photo by Nathan DeFiesta on Unsplash