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WWR 126: Why Dieting Doesn’t Work

Episode 126
09, Nov, 2018
}34 Minutes

Show Notes

Diets don’t work. Yo-yo dieting is terrible for our metabolism, headspace, moods, hormones and  our gut health! Let’s once and for all dispel the myths around fad diets and why they lead to inevitable weight regain!
On this episode of Wellness Women Radio, Dr Ashleigh and Dr Andrea also introduce to the concept of intuitive eating and how to understand the signals your body is giving you. The Wellness Women also break down the hormonal challenges that stop you from losing weight and keeping it off!
The final 28 Day Hormone Reset for the year kicks off on 17th November. To find out more go here: http://www.thewellnesswomen.com.au/reset28/

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