Show Notes

Welcome to Episode 74 of Wendy’s Way.  In this Episode I am so thrilled to speak to music royalty  Tony “Jack the Bear” Mantz. Tony is owner and founder of Deluxe Mastering. He has had over 35 years working in many facets of the music business both here and overseas, but found his niche in mastering. Tony also hosts the Mastering Music Mastering Life podcast, where he has in-depth and engaging conversations with music industry heavy weights in all matters of music and life.  Tony recently launched himself as a motivational speaker and mentor.  Tony aims to help, support and give back and share his experiences with everyone to help them live their dreams and best life possible. He is an inspirational speaker, mentor and sound sculptor

Tony and I delve into the topic of weight release, how he overcame his battle with comfort eating and turned his health and wellbeing around.  Tony shares his thoughts on life, love, gratitude, doing what you love and living your best life possible.  Tony also shares his journey in the music industry and where he is today in his work.  This was a deeply personal and emotional chat and Tony held nothing back.  I hope you enjoy this Episode and please share it with your family and friends.  Love Wendy 🙂

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