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WAW 4: How to overcome adversity, joyfully

Episode 4
10, Oct, 2018
}49 Minutes

Show Notes

In this episode Imogen speaks with Amy Molloy who is a journalist, the editor of  The Collective Hub and Hay House author who produces uplifting content for the biggest names in global publishing. Her first Hay House book, The World is a Nice Place: How to Overcome Adversity Joyfully was the product of ten years’ worth of research, interviewing ‘empowered survivors’ about their coping mechanisms for overcoming the worst experiences of your life whilst still hoping for the best. It sold-out on Booktopia—Australia’s largest book retailer—within six weeks of its publication date. As a ghost-writer, Amy has authored eight additional books, three of which topped the Amazon charts, and specialises in ‘storytelling for healing’. Currently the editor of Collective Hub, a video of her ‘joyful birth’ went viral with 80,000 hits in 48 hours.

Amy is inspiring, grounded and deeply soulful, her story and the stories she writes will move you and you may just be inspired to pick up your pen and tell your story. Amy also teaches writing workshops for more information on Amy, her book and her classes:

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Instagram: @amy_molloy

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