The Wellness Breakthrough

TWB 2: From breakdown to breakthrough with Tracey Kyne

Episode 2
14, Aug, 2019
}36 Minutes

Show Notes

Our guest on The Wellness Breakthrough podcast today is a women we hold very dear to our hearts here at The Wellness Couch. When we first met Tracie Kyne at a Wellness Summit she was by her own admission overweight, struggling to juggle the demands of work life, family life, her marriage, social life and more.

IN short, she was overwhelmed, overweight and over it.

Fast forward just three years and Tracie has ditched the weight, found clarity and purpose in her professional career and lives an incredibly rich family and personal life.

What changed? Why then? And what did she do to turn a breakdown into a breakthrough?

Find out on episode 2 of The Wellness Breakthrough.

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Marcus Pearce and Brett Hill are fascinated by what it takes for someone to really breakthrough on their health and wellness journey.

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