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TPS 254: Paleo Shift Work and Stoicism

Episode 254
16, Mar, 2018
}35 Minutes

Show Notes

This week Brett interviews Paleo firefighter, health coach and stoic Nick Holderbaum about his journey towards Paleo and how he fits it into his stressful, shift working lifestyle. You think it is hard to stay on track? You should try doing 24 hours on, 48 hours off with a bunch of bear drinking, pizza loving firies! Nick shares how he manages it, how he keeps his health on track and what he is doing to take his message of Paleo and stoicism to more and more fire departments and more and more communities. So tune in for a great episode of That Paleo Show!

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Dr Brett Hill (Chiropractor) and George Bryant - Civilized Caveman have inspired people all over the world to make drastic changes for the better, in their life and their health. This show will help you get back to basics and redefine the way you eat, think and move in order to maximuse your innate potential.

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