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TNN 97: Mel Talks Publishing

Episode 97
04, Mar, 2020
}32 Minutes

Show Notes

Mel talks about her publishing journey on this episode! The author of three cookbooks now, with the first two self-published and the last one published with one, then another publishing company.

I recently shared this talk at Natex, an extraordinary natural health conference on the Gold Coast recently. I was nervous to do this presentation because it’s pretty candid and it does get very honest!

Mel shares the many hurdles in creating a book, in self-publishing and promoting and talks through her experience with a publisher, which didn’t work out, and then finally onto a second edition with a second publisher.

If you are considering publishing a book, listen closely! And if not, this is an eye-opening and enlightening episode anyways.

To get your copy of Mel’s latest book, From Peasants Food To Superfoods, head to

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