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TNN 91: With Dr Diana Driscoll

Episode 91
11, Dec, 2019
}56 Minutes

Show Notes

We are honoured to have Dr. Diana Driscoll on the podcast for this informative and interesting episode.

Dr D is an internationally recognised researcher, inventor, speaker, author and patient advocate. An optometrist by education, she was disabled for over a decade with “invisible illnesses”. Now fully recovered, she is the recipient of two patents to date and continues her research as President of Genetic Disease Investigators. She is the founder and Clinical Director of POTS Care — the only clinic dedicated to treating the underlying medical causes of POTS — not just the symptoms.

On this episode, Dr Diana takes us through her own health challenges and those of her children, the recovery from her own research and discoveries, ultimately, what lead her to doing the amazing work she does today.

The definition and implication of POTS is discussed, as well as the importance of the vagus nerve and how this dysfunction can affect the entire bodily system.

So much to learn from this episode! For more on Dr Diana and her books, head to and

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