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TNN 86: Plant Medicine with Levi Barker

Episode 86
02, Oct, 2019
}25 Minutes

Show Notes

Levi Barker is our special guest on this episode. Levi is a Bwiti Iboga Provider in the Misokko Bwiti tradition and the director at Iboga Wellness Center in Costa Rica. He helps people live the life they want to live using the powerful master plant medicine iboga.

The Iboga Wellness Center is a shamanic Iboga retreat centre and has been helping people live their best life free from depression, anxiety, PTSD and trauma for the last six years.

In this enlightening conversation we discuss what Iboga is, where it comes from and its many amazing uses.

An eye opening chat! For more information about Levi or Iboga Wellness Center, head to:

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