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TNN 83: MasterChef Steph

Episode 83
21, Aug, 2019
}31 Minutes

Show Notes

Celebrity chef and client Steph deSousa joins me on this episode!

Steph was recently a contestant on MasterChef and came on to tell us all about it.

For mother of four Steph De Sousa, there is nothing like cooking beautiful, wholesome and flavoursome food for those she loves. And it’s this passion she hopes to turn into her food dream, creating a place just like “going to Mum’s for dinner” while also hosting cooking classes and demonstrations.

Inspired by Maggie Beer, Rick Stein and Sri Lankan Peter Kuruvita, Steph also holds a special place for Stephanie Alexander, her own maiden name. When she’s not cooking she practices daily yoga and lives by the mantra she once heard from swimming great Kieran Perkins – find what you love, and do it eight hours a day.

Get the inside scoop on what it’s like to audition for the show, through to filming and competing on TV!
Find out more about Steph on her website – and on her Instagram @steph.j.desousa

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