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TNN 82: Therapeutic Tea With Love

Episode 82
07, Aug, 2019
}30 Minutes

Show Notes

Emma from Love Tea joins us on this episode, and what a great chat we had! We talk all things therapeutic herbal teas and naturopathy, as Emma is a qualified naturopath.

We discuss how Love Tea came about, with Emma wanting to create beautiful products that were beneficial for people’s health and easily accessible. With over 70 products, the business has gone from strength to strength. The power of these herbal teas is medicinal and they are often recommended in my clinic.

Emma talks us through working with her partner, and the inspirations behind some of the different teas they have developed together.

Join us for this lovely chat and try some tea for yourself, head to and follow them at @loveteaofficial

For more on me, head to and follow us at @mgherbsofficial

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