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TNN 80: Primal Alternative

Episode 80
10, Jul, 2019
}40 Minutes

Show Notes

Featuring special guest Helen Marshall fellow podcaster, health coach and creator of Primal Alternative!

Helen shares her story and struggles with her health and how this lead her to starting her own business, based on the principles of the paleo diet.

We discuss Helen’s breakthrough when she changed her diet and how her symptoms disappeared and her health thrived.

Helen talks us through what foods she enjoys now and how much this amazing, delicious diet has changed her life! We discuss simple, everyday and healthy swaps to serve you better.

Primal Alternative is a really cool business model, which Helen talks us through too.

Grab some of Primal Alternative’s beautiful products at (they are so good) and tune into her podcast (also on The Wellness Couch) called Primal Alternative Podcast!

Thanks for tuning in as always. If you have a spare few minutes and could give us a rating and review, we’d super appreciate it.

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