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TNN 77: Positivity & Influence With Marcus Pearce

Episode 77
29, May, 2019
}41 Minutes

Show Notes

Excited to bring a special guest onto the podcast today, introducing Marcus Pearce! Marcus is a fellow podcaster, CEO of The Wellness Couch and facilitator and creator of The Exceptional Life Blueprint.

It was such fun speaking to Marcus about all things passion, authenticity and life purpose. He is a bubble of inspiration and humour and is uniquely himself, which is always so refreshing.

Marcus shares a little about his own life and why he does what he does, as well as some truth bombs about how to have a happy and successful existence.

We know that you will love this episode as much as we loved recording it, so be sure to follow Marcus @marcusdpearce and find out more about him at

You can find us on Insta @mgherbsofficial and our website at

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