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TNN 72: Not All Natural Medicine Is Created The Same

Episode 72
21, Mar, 2019
}17 Minutes

Show Notes

On this episode, Mel talks about the differing qualities of herbs and supplements and how to gt the most out of your natural remedies!

A herbal company recently flew Mel to their lab in Australia and she came back with huge insight into the quality of natural medicines.

Not many people know the efforts and time and money that reputable herbal companies put into getting their products tested and ensuring they are of the highest quality.

What you get off the shelf may be cheaper and more accessible, but because it hasn’t been tested thoroughly for efficacy, you are simply not getting value in your supplements at all. Unfortunately, this taints natural medicine because people think it doesn’t work! Whereas if they had invested in a quality product, they would potentially get the results they are after.

That statement rings true with herbs and supplements, you get what you pay for!

One of the biggest things I have noticed is the taste factor over the years with different brands in herbal tonics. It can depend on the method of extraction, radiation and purity of the herb and can really affect people getting the best out of their mixes.

Please book a consultation with me (in person in Newcastle or via Skype) to get your own individual herbal mix and supplement protocol to treat your symptoms/condition.

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