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TNN 59: Not Just Another Detox

Episode 59
18, Sep, 2018
}23 Minutes

Show Notes

Join us for the Not Just Another Detox program!
Completely online and supported, with meal planner, lifestyle changes and more for just $39.
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If you were at The Wellness Summit you would have heard an introduction to this detox talk, but if not, here is the talk in full.

Learn about the toxins in our environment and our food, what the implications of these toxins are on our health and what diseases can ensue from toxin exposure.

Gain insight into how these toxins can affect babies and how seeing a naturopath before conceiving is a good idea, as well as discovering how our modern world can negatively affect our bodies and minds.

The detox process is discussed on this podcast, so you can understand how your body should be working.

You can change today! The Not Just Another Detox program deals with everything from your toothpaste to what you eat and is easy to follow, start today! For more information on how to detox your body for maximum health, please make an appointment with Mel.

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