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TNN 56: All About Allergies

Episode 56
21, Aug, 2018
}17 Minutes

Show Notes

See me at The Wellness Summit this week! I’ll be speaking on the main stage and in the exhibitors section all weekend.

All about allergies AND the herb of the month for August in this episode.

ELDERBERRY is really common, an amazing herb and perfect for treating allergies, hayfever and all related symptoms.

So many symptoms that this herb is effective in treating, including all things sinus, headaches, sniffles and more.

Tune in to hear about how seasonal allergies and hayfever work in the body, why pharmaceutical hayfever remedies might be damaging your health and how herbs treat various symptoms associated with these illnesses.

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As usual, please make an appointment with Mel for a more detailed and individualised consultation to treat your symptoms.


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