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TNN 49: The Sugar Sin

Episode 49
03, Jul, 2018
}23 Minutes

Show Notes

With Australia now moving into the number one spot for the fattest nation in the world, and obesity now the highest cause of premature death, it’s time to address what we’re feeding ourselves, and our children.

We have no idea of the negative short and long term impacts of feeding our families sugar-packed processed foods, aside from the fact they’re leaving us malnourished and sick. not to mention highly addicted.

Mel breaks down sugar in this episode, what it is, how it is processed in the body and the properties of different sugars and sugar alternatives.

The fat myth is discussed and how this has affected food labelling and the general perspective of sugar.

Mel talks about fructose in depth, how and why it can have detrimental effects on the body and how to manage this. We need to look at all the carbohydrates and the quality of these to reduce the sugar load on our bodies.

Please make an appointment with Mel to discuss sugar and your diet and follow us on Facebook to keep the conversation going!


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