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TNN 37: Healthy Planet #101 – Composting & Recycling

Episode 37
27, Mar, 2018
}44 Minutes

Show Notes

My friend Sara Collins joins me on the podcast today for a comprehensive discussion on all things composting & recycling in the home.

After the War On Waste aired earlier this year, there has been so much interest in how to reduce the amount of wastage in our lives.

I was so inspired by this I have written a blog about it too, which you can find here, as well as research more ways I could reduce my own wastage.

Did you know what you put in the bin often does not break down, even if it says it does? I came across these awesome Urban Composter bins, which makes it easier to compost inside your home, it’s simple!

Plastic takes thousands of years to break down…Let’s be more mindful about all of the little things we do everyday that may be contributing to wastage.

We share some of our favourite tips on this podcast, so get your pen and paper out and get ready to make some positive changes for the environment!

We’d love to hear from you if you have tried any of our recommendations! Share your wastage tips below, or tag us on social media @mgherbsaustralia (FB).

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