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TNN #18 TRANSFORM Your Life!

29, Mar, 2017
}28 Minutes

Show Notes

Mel discusses her unique, holistic and comprehensive online program on today’s podcast.

14 Days To Transform Your Life is exactly that – Two weeks to cleanse your body and mind, kickstart healthy shifts and inspire lifelong change for you and your family.

This is not a quick fix, nor is any starvation involved and Mel explains exactly how detox processes work and why this program is more sustainable than any other commercial cleanses.

14 Days To Transform Your Life will give your body a much needed boost, helping the body’s natural detox abilities as well as boosting your immunity, energy levels and gut health.

The holistic aspect of this course comes in with Sam, providing a great exercise program to use during (and after) the program and Cindra, providing mindful exercises and activities that will enable you to shift your thought patterns and attitudes to commit to a healthy lifestyle longterm!

This podcast is a fascinating look at how our environment (the air, what we put on our bodies, what’s in our food) impacts our health and how this program is essential in combating these pollutants, strengthening our guts and making us feel good.

Listen & learn!

Don’t forget to pre-order your copy of Mel’s brand new book, The Gut Blueprint, coming out next month.

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