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TNN #14 Make 2017 Mindful With Mel

16, Feb, 2017
}31 Minutes

Show Notes

Mel makes a HUGE announcement on this week’s podcast!

Get to know your beautiful founder of MG Herbs, Mel and hear all about her intentions, ambitions and offers for this year.

Mel discusses the “mindfulness” trend and what it means for you and your life and how she uses mindfulness in her work life.

Note from Cindra – Mindfulness blog coming soon! Stay tuned to The Naked Naturopath Blog here.

Join Cindra and Mel for our unique, easy to follow online program called The Mindful Blueprint! We are so excited to bring this ten week course to you, covering food, mood, sleep, movement and so much more.

Express your interest for The Mindful Blueprint here.

Mel recaps the amazing book launch of Simply Balanced and introducing the forthcoming book, The Gut Blueprint. We’d LOVE you to be part of these books, so head on over here and pre-order your copies.

Gut health is paramount! And this is all tied into stress, overwhelm, poor food choices and our environment.

The Gut Blueprint will teach you how to heal your gut in your own home!

Speaking of healing at home, grab the MG Herbs Natural First Aid Kit mentioned here.

Oh and we’d LOVE you to join us on our Make The Shift Wellness Weekend in March, we just have two places left!

And did you hear the podcast with Ben from the Apothecary Kitchen? We are teaming up in a couple of weeks time for a ferment workshop. If you’re in or around Newcastle, jump on it here.

Want to know more about Mel and what MG Herbs offers?

Head to the main page, and join the MG Herbs mailing list to stay in touch.

Find me on social media @mgherbsaustralia

Thanks for listening!

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