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TNN #12 Get Cooking with Ben from Apothecary Kitchen

31, Jan, 2017
}49 Minutes

Show Notes

What is the Apothecary Kitchen?!

A vegetable only cafe, almost exclusively locally sourced with a casual, homely vibe, situated in Hamilton, Newcastle (Australia).

The intention for the customer is to interact with the staff to find out what is on offer (there are no menus), making the experience one of connection and discovery.

Ben talks us through the journey of the business, evolving out of a traditional style cafe into a completely unique and one-of-a-kind dining experience, how him and his team followed their passion when creating this new offering, the juggle of balancing healthy filling vegetarian meals, process of creating fermented foods in house, use of “weeds” as salad fuel and so much more.

We cover sustainable food practices, eating mindfully, building relationships with your food providers, the mediterranean diet and “nose to tail” eating and ethical meat and seafood consumption, all of which I am passionate about and enjoy educating my clients about in practice.

If you are in or around the Newcastle area, be sure to head in and check out Ben’s cafe, Apothecary Kitchen in Tudor Street Hamilton.

For more info, you can find them on their website here and on Instagram @apothecary_kitchen

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