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TNN 100: Celebrating 100 With Conscious Couples

Episode 100
15, Apr, 2020
}64 Minutes

Show Notes

Happy to be celebrating our 100th episode of this podcast! With special guests Cindra and Luke from Conscious Couples ( and Sam, my husband.

Reminiscing on our past one hundred episodes, we want to say a big THANKYOU to you all for being on this journey with us. Mel talks about the evolution of this podcast and where we are today.

The four of us discuss everything from relationships to being a holistic health provider, exercise as medicine and what does being conscious looks like. We talk about honesty within our relationships and the reality of self-development in long term relationships, giving some real-life examples of stuff from our own marriages.

We know you will resonate with this episode and get an insight into behind the scenes of the podcast too!

For more on Cindra and Luke, head to their Insta @consciouscouplescoaching and follow us on @mgherbs_thenakednaturopath

We are taking a little break from podcasting, so please head back and check out our catalogue of episodes. Mel is continuing to see clients online and you can book at

Thank YOU for listening and subscribing and giving us a reason to keep making this podcast.

We love you and will be back soon xo

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