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TLP 4: Navigating A Termination

Episode 4
23, Aug, 2021
}48 Minutes

Show Notes

TRIGGER WARNING! This episode we go into navigating the process of terminating a pregnancy, so if you are trying to conceive, have recently had a termination or a miscarriage please take note what we will be discussing may cause distress or a traumatic response.

Join us both for a discussion on our personal experiences with the process and how terminating a pregnancy is a huge life-changing decision that can be met with fear, shame, confusion and grief. We felt it necessary to share our experiences to comfort those who are potentially contemplating this decision and help make an informed decision. Even after being decriminalised in Australia, there is still have a stigma around it and being able to have open conversations around it we hope to reduce that stigma.

If you need any support during this time always feel free to reach out to us at @theladypalacepodcast and we’re here to listen to you and offer any support we can.

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Lady Palace is the union of Bella Rothel and Amanda Waaldyk, two women on a mission to shake up the status quo around women’s health. This is a platform to bring forward conversations that perhaps could be considered taboo.

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