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TLP 2: The Seasons & Our Cycles

Episode 2
20, Jul, 2021
}67 Minutes

Show Notes

This episode is all about our cycles! According to Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda we are the reflection of nature- nature is the macrocosm and we are the microcosm. So just as nature goes through cycles and the four seasons, so do we. We chat all about what each season is from a Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic and Western Medicine perspective, how to flow through each phase, what foods to include, what exercises are best and what rituals to bring in.

Listen to Amanda and Bella discuss each season from Winter through to Autumn and how they affect our natural rhythms. This is an insight into how to live in further harmony with nature and your bodies.

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Lady Palace is the union of Bella Rothel and Amanda Waaldyk, two women on a mission to shake up the status quo around women’s health. This is a platform to bring forward conversations that perhaps could be considered taboo.

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