The Lady Palace Podcast

S2‚ EP 1: Optimising A Seasonal Transition Into Spring With Chinese Medicine & Ayurveda

07, Sep, 2022
}49 Minutes

Show Notes

The Lady Palace Podcast is back! Season 2 is here and we’re so excited to bring forth further conversations surrounding holistic health, how to truly thrive and hopefully having a laugh whilst doing so.

This episode is all about harnessing the Spring season through the lens of Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda to optimise our health and wellbeing and making this seasonal transition as harmonious as possible. Learn about the herbal, dietary and lifestyle adjustments to make before this time so our bodies can flow with this changing of the natural environment within us and externally to us.

Connect with us on Instagram @theladypalacepodcast to let us know how your seasonal transition has been and what new practice you’ll be taking with you into the following few months.

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Lady Palace is the union of Bella Rothel and Amanda Waaldyk, two women on a mission to shake up the status quo around women’s health. This is a platform to bring forward conversations that perhaps could be considered taboo.

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