Show Notes

Ayurveda is a 5000-year-old medical system that translates to the science/knowledge of life. It is a modality deep rooted in the ancient philosophy that we are seasonal and cyclical beings composed of the natural elements. In order to create more harmony and balance in our minds and bodies for overall well-being Ayurveda recommends living according to the seasons including our diet, lifestyle habits and exercise. When we enhance our bodies natural rhythms, we can restore balance to our entire energetic systems.

This episode, Bella will discuss how to optimise our body’s natural ability to heal through our Ayurvedic daily routines (Dinacharya). How we flow through each day and the rituals we set is how we then flow throughout the rest of our lives and can determine our overall health and wellbeing. Learn how to set up a morning practice, what foods to eat and when and why certain times of the day should be include certain activities and not others.

As always we hope you enjoy this episode and find some great takeaways for you to implement into your daily lives to harness optimal wellbeing. Please note this episode is not medical information, nor intended to diagnose, cure or reverse a disease. If you should have any health concerns, please seek medical advice from your practitioner.