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TIO 14: Colon Hydrotherapy with Sarah Ellen

Episode 14
01, Feb, 2018
}30 Minutes

Show Notes

Houston, we have a poo poo problem! Did you know that you could be walking around with 6-10kg of waste sitting in your guts?! Today I invite Colon hydrotherapist, Sarah Ellen from Havana wellness to the show as we talk all things poop and colonics. It’s time to be clear of the past mess you have been literally carrying around with you!

What is colon hydrotherapy?
What should you expect from a session?
Why it is important to clean your colon?
The connection between our emotions and our poop.
Does it hurt?
How does all the crap get there?
How do you know if you need a colonic?
What symptoms should you expect if you have a build-up of waste in your system?

All of this and more in this episode of The Inspired Optimist Podcast.

Havana Wellness, a place to rebalance! A haven for all things chemical free, where you can learn and be supported to become chemical free and low tox, through wellness services: Like detox saunas, holistic colonics, the best massage services in the world, supervised juicing, low tox hair products & services, and even chemical free makeup. Many of our clients don’t realise the impact of what we put on and into our body has on our wellbeing and physical/mental health.

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