TWIW 150: Florida judge voids US mask mandate

This Week In Wellness the US will no longer enforce mask mandates as a federal judge in Florida has ruled them unlawful forcing Joe Biden to concede the mandate would “not (be) in effect at this time”.

NTM 267: To mask or not to mask

Face masks are now mandated where we live, in response to COVID-19. In this episode we discuss our personal feelings about it, and explore the symbolism behind what people on both sides of the media-perpetuated ‘divide’ are making it mean. Nourishing the Mother Suburban Sandcastles – Bridget The Pleasure Nutritionist – Jules

TWIW 65: Couples “should wear masks while having sex”

This Week In Wellness scientists from Harvard University have advised couples to wear masks whilst having sex and suggests they should be advised to engage in sexual activity via telephone, video chat services or masturbation in order to reduce there risk of spreading the corona virus.