Show Notes

Meet Kira Sutherland – a highly experienced naturopath, sports nutritionist, and much-loved lecturer and speaker.

She is known as one of THE go-to practitioners in our industry when it comes to understanding the needs of active people and athletes. But you don’t need to be at an elite level in order to benefit from her wisdom and knowledge. So even if you are training to run 5km or wanting to get into gym training, listen up, because there will be SO many gold nuggets in here for you.

(Oh – and if you ARE an elite athlete, pay extra attention, because this woman has information to share that could literally be game-changing for you.)

Most studies done on sports nutrition are done on… you guessed it… MEN. And as Kira says, “Women are not small men.”

So it’s time to look into what is best for us females (yay!), whether we’re elite athletes, weekend warriors, or anything in between.

In this episode we delve into nutrition for active women, and cover ALL the juicy stuff, including:

  • What to eat before and after training in order to feel good and have more energy.
  • Whether we should train in a fasted state, or whether to eat beforehand.
  • Protein powders – should you? And if so, which one?
  • Pre workouts, and why they’re on the shit list for a lot of women.
  • What to do to protect your adrenals and prevent burnout.
  • … and why Kira reeeally dislikes the word “biohack.” 😉

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