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Many people think that permaculture is JUST about gardening or growing food in a sustainable or organic way… but you are about to learn that it is sooo much more than that.

Meet the gentle powerhouse that is Jade Miles.

She is passionate about localised food, regenerative farming practices, intentional growing, and operates a farm rich in its diversity of produce.

She grows apples, pears and berries, nuts, stone fruit, quince, olives, pomegranates, currants, figs, herbs, flowers and vegetables. Her background in tourism shines through in her business model, as you can visit her property and pick your own fruit.

She also operates a fruit tree and perennial plant nursery, and runs regular feasts, gatherings, workshops, schools programs and farm tours educate us about the food that we eat and the skills needed to grow it.

If that’s not enough (hmmm… type A, much?), she is also a keynote speaker, a podcaster, a writer, and she has just finished her first book, Futuresteading – Live Like Tomorrow Matters.

Jade takes us through the core principles of permaculture, which are:

  • Earth Care
  • People Care
  • Fair Share

…and she makes it accessible and do-able for EVERYONE… even if you like in a city, and your “garden” is your balcony!

Just like yoga is so much more than just the poses, permaculture is so much more than just growing food. It’s about tuning into the seasons, getting outdoors, slowing down, appreciating (and sharing!) what you have, building a strong local community, living harmoniously with the world around you, and creating a simple life that still feels rich and abundant.

Listen as Jade takes us through the simple but powerful shifts we can make as we embrace the bigger picture… and how to do it all in a joyous, no-pressure, non-dogmatic way.


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And her amazing book Futuresteading – Live Like Tomorrow Matters, can be found here.

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