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Meet Emma Park – she’s a good friend of mine, a bloody amazing practitioner, and a super intelligent human. She’s out-nerds me on all things gut bugs and microbiome, and just quietly, is one of my go-to phone-a-friends when I have a tricky question. So to my zoom clients, when I say to you “I’m just going to check that with a colleague,” it could well be this woman I’m calling.

Her wholefood cooking on Instagram stories is to die for, and it’s lucky we don’t live in the same town, otherwise I’d be on her doorstep every single night. She brings her knowledge as a nutritionist and her love of food together in epic meals with loads of veggies and gut loving ingredients.

Her love of feeding people healthy meals has even extended to her leading teams in remote parts of Australia on indigenous health and nutrition projects, where their efforts saw health markers dramatically change in their sample populations after just one month’s work.

But the reason I’ve got her on the show is because she also wears another hat – you see, her absolute zone of genius is working with pregnant women and new mums to ensure a healthy gut microbiome, through the combination of diet, gut healing strategies and the right probiotics at the right times. So, this episode is all about picking her brain on how to achieve better outcomes for both mums and bubs.

In this interview, we will cover:

  • Why is a healthy microbiome so important for BOTH mum and bub?
  • Signs that mum’s microbiome might be out of balance.
  • Why antibiotics given to mum can affect the baby’s microbiome, even after the birth.
  • Which strains of bacteria are needed for the best outcomes.
  • The WORST foods to eat whilst pregnant for the microbiome.
  • What to eat during breastfeeding to improve baby’s microbiome.
  • What if the baby is on formula? Are there still things you can do?
  • The drugs that mess up the infant microbiome.
  • What are the signs that mum’s and bub’s microbiome isn’t right?
  • The good outcomes that can happen when the microbiome is in balance.


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