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You may remember Emma and Carla Papas (aka The Merrymaker Sisters) from long, long ago when they featured on my podcast when it was called Shiny Healthy You. Back then we chatted about all things food, healthy eating, and how to eat gluten, dairy and sugar-free whilst still being excited about food.

Since then, their business has taken a bit of a different direction. You see, they have gone down the rabbit hole into yoga, pilates, meditation, and all things body acceptance and self-kindness.

But of course they didn’t stop there. They launched an app which has brought everything together in one place – amazing recipes, motivation, pilates, meditation, yoga… the lot. Through their app, their podcast, their blog and their social media, they reach 118,000 people every single month. That’s huge.

But what’s even more amazing is that their work has transcended age groups – they serve people who are at all stages of life – from kids and teenagers, to busy mums and professional women, and those aged 60 and beyond.

Emma and Carla have a LOT to say about body image and why the fitness industry is built on body shaming.

Listen as we chat about:

  • Why their diets became too obsessive to the point of causing stress.
  • Why they never use before and after photos in their marketing.
  • How they get results and motivate their clients without using fear or shame as tactics.
  • How they grew to love and accept themselves and really enjoy feeling confident in their bodies again.

This episode is a MUST for anyone who’s been let down by the diet industry, who’s ever felt like they’re not enough, who’s grappling with accepting themselves (curvy bits and all)… and for anyone with a teenage daughter.

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