Show Notes

Lara Briden is an absolute superstar when it comes to women’s hormones. She’s a naturopathic doctor, educator, author and women’s health activist. She believes it’s every women’s right to have a stress-free, pain-free period without drugs (and yes, this includes the oral contraceptive pill).

Tune in as we chat about:

  • Why endometriosis and PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) are often misdiagnosed.
  • Why PCOS has nothing to do with cysts on the ovaries – and how we should be diagnosing it instead.
  • Why period pain is not a symptoms of PCOS.
  • Why endometriosis should no longer seen as a condition of hormonal imbalance, and which systems in the body we need to address instead.
  • Why the contraceptive pill is not the answer for either condition.
  • Post-pill acne, and why it’s a symptom of PCOS.
  • Natural solutions for both endometriosis and PCOS, including which diet is best for you.
  • What a NORMAL period should be like (you might be shocked by this one!).


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