Show Notes

This week we’re lucky enough to have been gifted a bonus episode. A while back, I was interviewed by Michelle Kerr from Wellbeing Weekly, and it was so much fun! She has generously offered to let me share the episode on my own podcast feed.

In this episode I share parts of my own health journey – Find out why living a “work hard, play hard” lifestyle led to burnout, why taking loads of herbs and supplements didn’t help, and how I discovered some quirky health issues that were the key to getting better. Listen to the story of my road to recovery, and what I learned along the way.

We also cover the following topics:

  • What is adrenal fatigue/adrenal dysfunction?
  • The signs and symptoms of adrenal dysfunction and burnout.
  • What are the underlying issues that can contribute to adrenal issues?
  • Why self-care is so much more than just a pedicure (and some better ways to relax and switch off).
  • Why so many driven, successful women end up with adrenal fatigue and health issues.
  • Functional pathology testing for adrenal fatigue (and the best way to assess cortisol levels).
  • How a naturopath can help you to come back from the brink of burnout.
  • Why you need to be careful not to take the WRONG herbs and supplements for adrenal dysfunction (and how to figure out the right ones to take instead).
  • Tips for relieving stress (especially for entrepreneurs and business owners).
  • How to avoid loneliness and isolation when you’re a solo entrepreneur.
  • The importance of connection and support as a business person.
  • Simple swaps you can do in your diet to get more energy and vitality.
  • Why eating the wrong types of carbohydrates leads to sugar cravings.
  • Top tips for combating the symptoms of burnout, before it’s too late.

So sit back, relax and enjoy this chat, where the tables are turned and I’m on the other side of the questions for a change.

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