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Meet Liz Cook – a trailblazer in the perfume industry, because she’s doing it very differently to the big names. She has the most beautiful brand called One Seed, which makes organic perfumes with nothing nasty added. And there was a real need in the marketplace for this to happen.


You see, most of them are super toxic. Like, full of chemicals that will disrupt your hormones toxic. And there are some high profile “natural” companies out there who are claiming to be low tox, but are actually anything but.

So what are the scary ingredients that we want to avoid?

How can we spot dodgy synthetic fragrance companies that are pretending to be natural? You’ll be shocked at how many of them are out there! (Because #healthwashing.)

Why would we want to consider using natural perfumes over essential oil roll-ons?

Let’s chat to this amazing woman and find out.

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